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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Qype: Au Pied de Fouet in Paris

Paris - Restaurants - Bistros

Looking for cheap eats in the 6eme? Look no further! Au pied de Fouet is undoubtedly popular, so get in there early, and show your face to the manager - then go for a drink elsewhere. This gives you a strong hand to play when there is a huge queue of hungry diners waiting outside, and you can waltz past them all.

The food is basic, but good. I'd be yearning for a few geziers after being in France for a week, and they came up with the goods for only €3. The main of rare beef with mash was good, but not mindblowing, but it was also 1/3 of the price of anywhere else. The wine was solid, and again very reasonably priced. With cool decor, and cozy dining arrangements that can see you meeting others at the next table - I'd recommend it.

Check out my review of Au Pied de Fouet - I am filchambers - on Qype


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