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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Qype: Queen Mary II in Hamburg


The Queen Mary II is slipped into Hamburg under cover of darkness last night, but they'd have trouble hiding her in the daytime - she is really massive!

We went down to have a gander at Cunard's flagship at lunchtime today, and she's an impressive site, albeit docked in what is still very much a building site!

There's a carnival atmosphere at the docks, lots of tourists, live bands, food stalls and Union Jack's hanging from the cabins.

She was until 2006 the largest passenger vessel ever built - Thomas remarked at lunch that the Titanic was much smaller than this, and it's interesting to get a sense of scale.

Powered by 4x 16-cylinder diesels and 2 gas turbines in a CODAG arrangement more commonly found on naval vessels, she's capable of a not too shabby 29.62 knots. Which is a lot faster than I can run.

Well worth a look!

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Qype: Gecko Of Camden Ltd in London

London - Beauty & Wellness - Hairdressers

Am currently sporting what has been generously described as 'not that bad of a haircut compared to your usual', and it's all thanks to these guys! I was ordered out of the house a few weeks ago to seek a trim, and I landed here. 30 minutes later and around 19 quid less well off, I was very happy. Highly recommended, they make a cracking brew.

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Qype: Heathfield Farm Shop in Widnes


Undoubtedly the best farm shop in Widnes, nay, Cheshire... and not just cause I used to work there for about 5 years! Dennis and Rena, and their son Johnny have been running this place for about 20 years or something, and I think everybody in the surrounding area knows about it. I spent many a happy afternoon bagging potatoes, riding motorcross bikes, feeding the pig bananas, learning to ride horses, and generally having a good time. In fact, thus far, it's probably been my best ever job. Anyway, come here for all your fruit and veg at rock bottom prices, way cheaper than the supermarkets, and better quality. With a smile. Unless you park in the wrong place... !

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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Qype: Hotel Atlantic, Restaurant La Liegeoise - Alain Delpierre in Wimereux

Wimereux - Travel & Hotels - Hotels - Restaurants - French

What can I say? I have never eaten so well!

The Hotel Atlantic is an unassuming part of the seafront promenade in Wimereux, a small seaside resort about 30 minutes out of Calais. It's worth the drive. This is not a 5 star luxury hotel, but yet the rooms are really nice, bright and with a lovely sea view. They are also furnished with flat screen TV (which gets the BBC!), so you can watch really bad films about Jodie Foster finding snakes on a plane, or something. Anyway, this is not interesting.

What is interesting, is the incredible restaurant downstairs. Situated on the first floor, you get a lovely sea view as you settle into your chair for what can only be described as a marathon. Order the 'Promenade en Mer', let them choose the wine, and away you go.

I think my photos probably do this more justice than I ever could by simple words alone, but it really was fantastic. Around 7 courses, although I lost count, and a wine to match each. Everything was perfect. I've never eaten fois gras and fish together before... but now I have! Alain Delpierre had a wander out of the kitchen at the close, and I warmly congratulated him on curing my eating disorder. OK, I don't really have an eating disorder, but if you did, this would definitely be the place to come.

One of my favourite meals of all time.

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Friday, 25 July 2008

Qype: St Alban in London

London - Restaurants - British

Have been exploring lunch venues within reach of Qype HQ now we've moved to Leicester Square, and came across St. Alban today. Absolutely fantastic lunch in a laid back yet fairly stylish setting, hidden from the maddening crowds behind thick set doors and frosted glass on Lower Regent Street.

I took the quail and pancetta salad to start, which was divine. Tiny soft boiled eggs with strips of quail in a great dressing, oily, but not over the top.

Following that, the roast pork belly with white peaches and black pudding was out of this world. Lovely cracking on top!

For dessert, I had a summer berries with a blackberry sorbet, all washed down with a delicious glass of Gaillac - an old favourite of mine from when I lived in Toulouse.

Top notch, great service, and not outrageously expensive either. Especially if you're not paying. I shall be back!

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Qype: Flughafen Hamburg (HAM) in Hamburg

Hamburg - Travel & Hotels - Airports

Generally excellent, I'm knocking a star off since they managed to not load my luggage the other week and caused me no end of stress at the other end. However, considering I've flown out of here about 50 times, it's not a bad ratio. Everything else about this place is great, and they're gradually improving the food situation (there is now a half-decent sushi place).

If you're flying within the Schengen zone then your plane will dock right next to the exit - it's only the UK and Swiss flights where you have to walk for a kilometre!

Actually thinking of giving it the full 5 stars, since the first time I arrived here I saw a TU-154M take off, probably the most exciting airport experience I ever had!

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Qype: The Square And Compass in Swanage

Swanage - Pubs & Bars - Pubs

I love this pub. I love this pub so much that if you could marry pubs, I would marry this one. Actually, if you could marry pubs I'd probably be a polygamist, or at least keep a mistress in Fritham. But I digress.

You can come anytime, but I came when there was a beer festival on, after a hard days climbing a few E1's on Swanage cliffs. I was with a number of climbing geeks who insisted on cooking something in the car park, so can't comment on the food, if there is any. But the ales... oh the ales... and the garden, and the tiny pokey rooms.

I love you square and compasses.

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Qype: Hostel Pink Floyd in Rome


Far and away the worst place I've ever stayed in my life (I think), but it was a comedy adventure and I met some wonderful characters. From the bloke who was living there by stealing his rent out of the fridge every night and then paying it back, to the mental old woman of whom my last memory is of her screaming 'DEVILS!!!' at us as we ran off into the night... never again.

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Qype: Space Electronic Discotheque in Florence

Florence - Nightlife - Clubs

Bored of Churches? Seen too much art? Sick of the architecture? Try this!

Cracking nightclub in central Florance with a great mix of tourists and locals. We liked this place so much we came back the next night! They also do karaoke, although I had to perform 'Sweet Child O' Mine' with blood pouring out of my head due to cracking it on the low ceilings in the toilets - you have been warned! Still, the song went down a storm and we stumbled home through the ancient streets happy... what the hell is a club like this doing in Florence?!

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Qype: Hostel Giraffe in Krakow


This is the best youth hostel I've ever stayed at. I can't begin to describe what an awesome time we had here. Suffice to say, that after getting welcomed like family, working behind the bar, changing our flights to attend the staff Christmas party... we came back very very soon! They have live music, a bar, loads of computers, some extremely attractive staff... you won't get bored.

If you're ever in Krakow - or even Poland, make a beeline for The Giraffe. It's dead central, dead cheap, and er, dead good.

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Qype: Papa Joe's in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora - Restaurants - Eastern European - Nightlife - Clubs

A full on Eastern European dining experience! Slovenian MTV on, which entails music videos of people cutting trees down and toasting with huge beers! All of the food is intensely meat based, and as the previous reviewer mentions, the Papa Joe special is a dish the likes of which I have never seen before or again. They even turn all the lights off in the place everytime they bring one out!

You don't get this in Courchevel 1850....

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Qype: Montecristo in Marrakech

Marrakech - Nightlife - Clubs

The best nightclub in Marrakesh? I'd say so. Somewhat difficult to find (a place to go out drinking...) but the Montecristo hit the spot.

Downstairs: posh restaurant (lots of suits!), plus cool bar with a number of working girls dancing on the bar, and a great covers band.

Upstairs: nightclub with banging music and super-expensive orange juice (like 5 pounds!!)

The roof: magical terrace with traditional (lute?) music being strummed softly, cushions, cocktails and shisha under the stars until the sun comes up.

One of my all-time best nights out.

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Qype: place Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech

Marrakech - Arts & Entertainment - Landmarks - Squares

Everyone who's stayed in Marrakesh will have been here, and you should go too. The Jemaa el Fna or "Assembly of the Dead" is the main square and centre of a lot of the action here. Stepping off a short flight from Europe into this is a bit like walking into an Indiana Jones film... there are snake charmers, monkeys, story tellers, artists, hawkers, tortoise-sellers... people from all walks of life who will hassle and entertain.

It really comes alive at night when you can witness the smoke rising, the drums beating and the wafts of incense drifting on the air.

Best taken in at first hand, but when you tire of the crowds you can retreat to one of the many elevated bars and observe from a distance...

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Qype: W. Hartmann & Co. (GmbH & Co.) in Hamburg


Fantastic hardware store just around the corner from Qype HQ - they came to our rescue this morning when we found the whole office without power. We're currently running off around 10 extension cables...!

Other than those, they stock a very wide range of quality power tools (Makita etc), and have a decent chandelry with all sorts of maritime accessories. Thanks guys!

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Qype: La Cale Sèche in Toulouse


Absolutely fantastic, and tricky to find, rum bar just off place capitole in the centre of Toulouse. Be warned, it's very easy to miss as the frontage is two shabby looking doors, and no kind of signage. However, once you step inside... you'll be surprised that you're in the bowels of a ship! Well, you won't be if you can read French of course. Anyway - this is a great place to come and get extremely drunk on the vast different flavours of rum they have here. Preserved fruits in giant glass flagons held up by rope are the order of the day, served in little shot style glasses. And it's very very cheap. I must return...

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Qype: Primrose Hill in London

London - Arts & Entertainment - Parks

Pretty decent hill for having a look at the skyline and reminding yourself how busy London is.

I noticed recently that there are an incredible amount of twins here, probably due to all the IVF. It wasn't just the babies either, the dogs too. Actually since they have shops selling sausage rolls for 2.50, they probably do IVF for dogs as well.

It's very close to some sort of giant bird cage. We haven't identified this yet, but V's sister says it's a farm.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

Qype: Fresh and Wild in London

London - Food & Drink - Organic Food

Everything in this place looks fantastic. They really do a great job of wowing you as you walk in the door. Especially the deli counter. And the price tags. Real ale, a snip at over 2.80 a bottle - more expensive than drinking in the pub! Crazy.

However, they do donate 5% of profits to charity each year, and I've heard the goat's butter is particularly delicious...

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Qype: Royal National Theatre. in London

London - Arts & Entertainment - Events

I know nothing about theatre. But I really enjoyed coming here. A great example of how some decent lighting can make even the worst looking building look, well, quite interesting. It's certainly distinctive.

I remember not being able to buy bitter in the interval, but perhaps one should be drinking wine under these circumstances.

You get very, very close to the actors. So have to be quiet. And you can always pretend you're watching Heat if you get bored...

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my blog is a shower curtain from ikea

I happened to notice whilst showering in the half-light (Nay's dimmer switch is broken) that my blog wallpaper looks exactly like her Ikea shower curtain. I wonder who copied who?

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Qype: Roskilde Festival in Roskilde


Denmark's most famous, and probably Europe's 2nd largest non-profit music festival after Glastonbury, Roskilde is well worth a visit. Marred by the Pearl Jam tragedy in 2000, when 9 people were crushed to death, the place is understandably safety conscious now. There are anti-crush barriers installed on all the big stages, and unfortunately, they banned campfires, and indeed naked flames of any kind in the campsite, except in the sandpits provided. This does take the edge off the campsite feel a little, but it doesn't effect the music!

The site is fairly nice, and facilities not bad, and the lineup is always pretty good. Although if it will ever be as good as when we saw the epic "Stratovarius" (Scandinavian metal gods!) here, I cannot say.

Best way to get here, would be into Copenhagen plus a short train, but you can also fly to Aarhus or Esjberg and get one, although be warned - Danish trains aren't cheap!

Neil Young headlined again this year, as in 2001 - shame I couldn't go!

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Qype: Lovebox Festival in London


Pretty decent weekend offering in surprisingly lovely surroundings of Victoria Park, Hackney, East London.

It pretty easy to get here (if you know the way from the station!!), just 20 minutes from Camden Road on the overground service, and only 1 pound!

We had lots of fun on Saturday watching Manu Chao, Groove Armada, Lethal Bizzle, and possible Wiley...!

Can't give it 5 stars because of the really stupidly long bar queues, but the rest of the setup is pretty pleasant, and the atmosphere is chilled, no trouble at all.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Qype: The Grove in Leeds

Leeds - Pubs & Bars - Pubs - Nightlife - Music Venues

A hidden treasure nestled at the base of a new skyscraper and backed by industrial units, The Grove is far and away the best pub in Leeds. With 8 real ales on every night of the week, no food, open fires in each of the 4 or so rooms, plus darts, dogs, and live music 7 nights a week - what more could you want?!

The standard of the open-mic is quite frighteningly good, so make sure you practice a bit first, or go for dutch courage...

Highly recommended.

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Qype: Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co.,Ltd. in Shanghai

Shanghai - Arts & Entertainment - Landmarks

In the future, everything will be magnetically levitated. In the present, only things in China (and some small track in Germany) are.

The maglev is the highlight of any trip into PuDong (PVG) airport. At a barginous 50 kuai you zoom into town at 431kph. Which is pretty fast, although, not as fast as a TGV has been.

It generally feels unsafe, but that's ok, cause it doesn't last very long.

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Qype: Philpotts in Leeds

Leeds - Food & Drink - Catering

Reassuringly expensive. Reassuringly popular. Reassuringly nice soups. Yes, this is the place you could easily spend 6 quid on lunch and only come away with a sandwich and a soup. In the north of England! Ridiculous, but, at the same time, amazing. It's all about custom made sandwiches you see. In fact, a certain A N Hunter (covered elsewhere) is actually famed for not being able to eat sandwiches that were not prepared in front on him. If he ever went to The North, he'd love Philpotts.

My personal faves were:

- rare roast beef and horseradish
- ham, egg and mayo

It's worthy of note that the girls here first convinced me to try mayo on a sandwich. I have never looked back.

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Qype: Pret A Manger in Leeds

Leeds - Restaurants - Take Away

Ah, how we used to love this place. Ham and Eggs bloomer stuffed the brim, carefully weighing each one to ensure we got the heaviest. Me and Brightwell spying on Accenture senior management reading books about plumbing over lunch. Heady days.

Like sophistar says: everyone has their favourite pret.

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Monday, 14 July 2008

Qype: Hurricane in Scheeßel

Scheessel - Arts & Entertainment - Events

I would have given Hurricane four stars, but, I can't really forgive them for making me camp on a field of dust. If you're making a million euros every year on tickets and sponsorship, then why not grow grass on the campsite instead of wheat? Actually, not all the campsite is stubble, but if you get there anything like late, expect to get all your stuff covered in crap.

My other gripe is with the facilities - it's not like they haven't done this before, but like you see time and time again at commercial festivals, the toilets and fresh water aren't up to scratch. Again, if I organised this, it wouldn't happen. Take a trip to Glastonbury and check out how you can do it when you're giving all the money away.

Rant over.

It's generally a very pleasant arena - definitely more than enough space for 70k revelers, and a few bits of pieces to do. If it's sunny, you can easily sunbathe and generally chill out without getting walked on, which is nice. The sound system(s) are too quiet (ah, Europe!) and the 2 main stages are too close together, so unless you walk right over you can hear both at the same time. It's pretty easy to get to the front if you want to mosh to the Foos and pretend you're 16 again and at Reading.

if you're considering a foreign festival for the first time, this is a MUCH cheaper option than Benicassim from the UK. You definitely don't feel ripped off when you leave.

In one line: a solid festival for the kids, and cheap considering the lineup.

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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Qype: Hörsaal in Hamburg

Hamburg - Pubs & Bars - Bars

***UPDATE 13/7***

Music was absolutely fantastic in here last night! They really have an awesome DJ who doesn't want to bring it down till 7am, so we just couldn't go home! Plus 1 star from me, and highly recommended free venue for the 4-7 slot before you're off to the fish market!

I really like this place, even more now I know they serve really cheap cocktails until midnight! It looks great empty, but you'll mostly see a heaving sweaty crowd of revellers. I'm not sure there are any fire regulations in Germany as I regularly see clubs/bars with more people than would be legally allowed in the UK, but, it's all good fun. Till there's a fire.

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Qype: Ex-Sparr in Hamburg

Hamburg - Pubs & Bars - Pubs

I'm not sure if the Ex-sparr was previously a Spar, but this bar is now even more fun than supermarket shopping! One of a bunch of places along the notorious (if you're fairly local) Hamburgerberg, a street just off the (notorious even if you're not local) Reeperbahn, and one that impossible to have a bad night out in. Who needs Neidclub?! You've got everything here, great music, cheap drinks, and loads of people who are really up for it. OK the music kind of went off around 4am, but I was almost ready for bed then. So that's ok.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Qype: Hazport in Whitchurch

Whitchurch - Public Services - Services - Couriers & Transport

Definitely the best hazardous waste transportation service in the UK today. If you've got something nasty to get rid of, give the guys at Hazport a call. They're great value, and very flexible!

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Qype: Great Wall - Simatai Section in Beijing

Beijing - Arts & Entertainment

Lovely unspoilt section of the great wall far from the maddening crowds. Of course, there are still hawkers, but they're more friendly and after you've walked with them for 5 hours, probably your friends! I ended up buying a panoramic photo of the wall for about 6 kuai Ripped off I know, but I loved it.

On the way down you have the frightening option to 'Go by flying fox' - which is basically a death slide over a lake and a massive dam. Not for me. One of my (climber) friends remarked - "oh, that harness is not fastened properly". Eeek!

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Qype: Bistro Viale Antico in Hamburg

Hamburg - Restaurants - Italian & Pizza

UPDATE 9/7/08

My my, how things change in the space of a few months! Firstly the 'summer pricing' - to make sure the tourists of historic Deichstrasse pay more, then the service... which has been steadily decreasing in quality for months, till it hit rock bottom today.

Yes, I had probably the worst lunch experience of all my lunch experiences in Hamburg thus far! Seven of us sat down to eat, and 2 dishes arrived after maybe 15 minutes. Another 2 after 25 minutes, and the last three? A whopping 45 minutes after!

I might add the fact that I had to get these myself from the kitchen, or that my cutlery was literally thrown down onto the table when I asked for some... but you don't need to know all that.

I already warned 3 people off on the way in - now I'm telling you Qypers - don't eat here, ever!

Well being as it's opposite work, I do eat here a lot! The pizzas started out passable but when we pulled a late one the other week they pulled out all the stops and made some exceptional stuff that really good the Qype relaunch back on track.

The pasta is usually very good, and beats Vapiano, without having to wait for 30 mins too.

Service-wise, it's very friendly, and they're accommodating for large parties of hungry developers.

I must stress, the conditions in the video don't particularly represent normality, but it was so funny eating whilst the building was collapsing around us yesterday, that I had to film it...

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Qype: Cafe "Am Kurpark" in Ostseebad Boltenhagen

Ostseebad Boltenhagen - Cafes & Coffee Shops - Cafes

Pleasant cafe/restaurant in the decidedly odd seaside resort of Boltenhagen - a kind of German Morecambe. The classic schnitzel mit pommes was about €8, and we munched on the promenade to the tunes of an excellent brass band! Truthfully, I probably won't come back here, but if you do find yourself in this particular East German seaside resort... check out this cafe!

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Qype: Sixt Hamburg Reeperbahn (24h) in Hamburg


No complaints about Sixt! Easy online booking, they kept the car for 3 hours more after I arrived late, it's pretty cheap (€90 for 2 days unlimited mileage A170 Merc).

If I had a small gripe, it's that you don't really know what car you'll get. I signed up for BMW 1-series class, which then turned into a Golf Navi when I added GPS (for only €2!!), but it was actually an A-class. Anyway, despite being petrol, it's actually a very nice car to drive, everything works just as you might expect, and it's pretty good on fuel.

Car park beneath the shop is a little bit grim, and the stairs smell of wee - take the lift!

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Qype: Tipasa in Lübeck

Luebeck - Restaurants - Italian & Pizza - Restaurants

Well, this place seems to have had a bit of a makeover since those pictures were taken. I went in the bar 'bit', which is styled as something out of North Africa - fruit flavoured shisha, decent cocktails, and a LOT of candles. The seating is really cozy and comfy, loads of cushions and little tables perfect for 2. It's a nice, friendly little bar.

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Qype: hieronymus in Lübeck

Luebeck - Restaurants - Italian & Pizza - Restaurants - Restaurants - Seafood - Restaurants - International

Really cool little bar/restaurant in Lubeck old town. We were attracted to this place because of the giant fire-dragon they have outside with a real gas flame - impressive in the dark! Then I noticed they did pizzas for €3.90, and couldn't really resist a late supper... and a lovely bottle of wine. Sitting outside here is extremely pleasant on a warm summer's evening. I imagine it's pretty good inside too, as the building dates from around 1400.

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Qype: Ferienhaus Lübeck - Historisch wohnen in Lübeck in Lübeck

Luebeck - Travel & Hotels - Hotels

Nice, inexpensive family-run hotel right in the centre of Lubeck, with the added benefit of parking! Yes, it's true - it's almost impossible to park on the central island of the old town, but for a paltry 5 euros you can leave your car here, and they don't mind if you leave it after you've checked out either.

The rooms are fairly basic, with shared bathrooms per floor, but do have tea/coffee and a TV. However, with a double costing only €70, including a fantastic breakfast for 2 people, you can't really complain.

The staff are super-friendly, and the location could not be bettered - ideal for exploring the delightful old town. I shall be back!

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Friday, 4 July 2008

Qype: Moog in Barcelona

Barcelona - Nightlife - Clubs

The best club I've been to in Spain, and one of the best of all time, probably. Moog is nicely hidden - not too far from Las Ramblas but far enough so there aren't loads of tourists. The menu is fairly intense electronic beats - more trance than techno when I was there, and it goes on until 5am everyday. Fun crowd... be careful of the steps... but definitely check it out if you're in Barca!

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Qype: Backwaters in Trivandrum

Trivandrum - Arts & Entertainment - Day Trips

If you're thinking about going to Kerela, I would highly recommend you don't miss this! An absolutely idyllic trip, I spent 24 hours in my own personal boat with a crew of 3, being waited on, cooked for, and taking in the sights and sounds of the backwaters. It includes an overnight stop in a huge lagoon in the middle of nowhere, and you can watch the sun go down as you sip on a G&T. Or you could do, if you remembered to bring some. Yes - don't slip up like I did, there is no alcohol served on these boats so sort yourself out before boarding.

I would also highly recommend taking a decent telephoto lens (why oh why did I leave it?) as the bird life is fantastic - particularly the kingfishers.

It'll set you back around €80 for the trip in a non-a/c boat - I feel they are the best as the A/C requires a generator to run all night... not so relaxing!

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Qype: "Kleine Pause" Thorsten Clorius in Hamburg

Hamburg - Restaurants - Take Away

I feel Wester the Molester was a little harsh in her 3 star rating - Kleine Pause is one of those places you can't fail to like because of the lovely staff who all act a bit like they're your mum. It's also open really late (just last night I was here for an emergency bratwurst at 2am after having a nightmare journey to Hamburg from London via Berlin!)

Two TVs show live sport, there is a fridge full of beer and plenty of people to chat to.

Great stuff!

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