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Friday, 30 January 2009

Qype: Hafenklang Exil in Hamburg

Hamburg - Nightlife - Clubs

At last, I've found a decent dnb night in Hamburg! And also a really good club - I love this place. Industrial and dirty, but not too dirty... kinda like the Crystal maze, but sadly without Richard O'Brian ;) The Hafenklang exil (Harbour Sound, Exile) is named after the previous venue near the habour was demolished, and they were exiled to this place.

Anyway, down to business. You've got a chilled out trancey bar upstairs with loads of seating, several emptyish poster covered rooms downstairs, and the main dancefloor also underground. Decent dj booth, but weirdly (well hey, this is germany) you can just about talk over the music, but it didn't detract. I believe it's open till 0800, so turn up anytime. dnb nights are 6 euro in, drinks are reasonable, music is awesome. I've not been to any of the other nights yet but it's my favourite club so far.

Check out my review of Hafenklang Exil - I am filchambers - on Qype


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