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Monday, 22 June 2009

London - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants - International

I'd probably be dishing out a full five stars here if it wasn't for the attitude problem of most of the staff that work here, maybe they don't like getting up at the crack of dawn on Sunday? I don't either actually, but when tempted with such delights as the ricotta pancakes, grape and stone fruit compote lathered with creme fraiche, I can make an exception. Stupidly enough, I didn't actually order them because I was feeling guilty after munching through not one, but two full English breakfast in the previous two days. I took a fruit salad. It did happen to be delicious and all the fruit was perfectly ripened, but maybe a touch over the top at 6 pounds something. Expect breakfast for two to come in at around 25 quid.

The decor is bright and airy, and reminds me of The Garrison somewhat, a favourite of mine. I think I'll come back, order the pancakes, and be very happy.
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