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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Qype: Gasthaus Wild in Wien

Wien - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants - Austrian

Did you know, there's no such thing as an off license in Austria? Well I didn't, so was fretting somewhat when my dear friend informed me of this bad news, considering we had a literal mountain of Bergkäse (geddit?) to get through. Fortunately, help was at end, because the Gasthaus Wild will sell you TAKE AWAY WINE! And not only that, you can taste it first, and they'll give you loads of money off because you're going to open it yourself, at home. Isn't that great?!

The restaurant itself also looked very nice, so I will return to sample its delights one day.

Check out my review of Gasthaus Wild - I am filchambers - on Qype


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