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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Qype: Wormland / Theo in Hamburg

Hamburg - Shopping - Fashion

Wormland. Land of Worms? A wormery? Actually, a design shopping emporium inside Europa Passage in Hamburg, just for blokes! I've not really seen anything like this in the UK, but then, I don't really like shopping, so that might be why. All your major brands are here, and nothing is discounted very much. It's so cool that the store has a DJ booth. And free expresso.

I have to say, for what it is, it's well done. The customer service is also excellent. I've taken a few things back here and they never quibble, just furnish you with cash, even without the receipt. Worth a look.

Check out my review of Wormland / Theo - I am filchambers - on Qype


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