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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Qype: Le May in Toulouse

Toulouse - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants - French

Charming and friendly place on the Place du May, which is hidden down the labyrinth alleyways a few minutes walk (if you know the way!) from Capitole. The service here is excellent, the people who run it are so nice, and the waitresses will all flirt with you. The food has never been anything but delicious, and last time I went back, after a 4 year gap, the 3 course set menu was still €12!! Fantastic!
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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Qype: Marmaris Restaurant in Bath

Bath - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants - Eating & Drinking - Fastfood & Takeaway

No question about it, Marmaris could only get 5 stars from me. An unassuming frontage (presumably for planning permission reasons, it's in a beautiful spot!) hides a grill capable of cooking more meat simultaneously than I've ever seen in my life. There is a fair wild-west atmosphere at 3am, but when you behold the 6 quid mixed, with lamb shish, chicken shish, lamb kofta and 2 types of donor, you'll be glad you dodged the flying bottles...
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Qype: Thai Balcony in Bath

Bath - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants - Thai

Now this, is a bloody good restaurant. For some reason, I never really think about going for Thai. Not sure why. But now I will.

The manageress had bravely taken the reservation for 15 lads on a stag do - little did she know we wouldn't have had an alcoholic drink at this point! Well, I had of course, but the stag was staying firmly sober in the afternoon, just as well Thai Balcony do a Mai Tai for 4.50 then.

The fisherman's soup came next, which I can unreservedly say is the best soup I've ever ordered. Intensely hot and spicy, and crammed with crab claws, mussels, clams and what have you, I was very impressed.

The main was a decent green curry, and the wine was very drinkable too. All in all, if you're around in Bath anytime, you should definitely come here.
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Qype: Saracens Head Inn in Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat - Eating & Drinking - Pubs & Bars - Pubs

This could and should be a really good pub. A 16th century inn nestled in a beautiful valley with 5 decent ales on tap - what's not to like?

It's just a bit weird really. The management are bizarre. When we arrived they closed the bar for 20 minutes to clean the floor, and the staff just stood around and didn't say anything, not at all interested in chatting to the customers. They've cramped the bar area with seating and a stupid phone box right in the way, and the toilets look like they came out of a hotel - really weird marble sinks, totally out of place.

On the plus side, Old Peculiar, and Wye Valley Hereford Pale Ale on draft does make up for most sins, but if we weren't a captive audience, we wouldn't have stayed here.
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Qype: Motiva Ltd in Lydbrook


Had the pleasure of spending an afternoon at the Motiva rope course for my friend Evan's stag last weekend. Had no real idea what to expect, so was pleasantly surprised to find ourselves trying the "Leap of Faith", straight out of Indiana Jones. If jumping out of a 50 foot tree blindfolded is your thing, you'll love it! Remember - only by the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth...

The instructor, Brin, is a really friendly Welsh chap who gives sage advice on how to adjust your harness. We should have listened...
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Monday, 9 March 2009

Qype: Make Mine in London

London - Eating & Drinking - Cafes & Coffee Shops

Bloody lovely sandwiches speedily produced. The roast beef melt was particularly good, in fact I'm actually starving just thinking about it. I'd usually avoid this kind of sandwich place if I looked at it, but the goods really hit the spot.
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Qype: The Raven in Bath

Bath - Eating & Drinking - Pubs & Bars - Pubs

Fantastic and extremely popular watering hole in the center of Bath, the kind of pub which makes me wonder why I don't live there.

A full selection of ales on tap, ciders, and sadly I didn't try the mead.

I would give it 5 stars for the character and atmosphere, if only they'd have served us snakebites...!
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Qype: Erikas-eck in Hamburg

Hamburg - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants - German - Eating & Drinking - Pubs & Bars - Pubs - Shopping - Food & Drink - Catering

This place isn't officially all-you-can-eat, however, the portions are SO MASSIVE here, it effectively is. Mountains of fried potatoes, with a pork schnitzel covering the whole plate so you can't even tell that they're there, is the order of the day. I'd recommend drenching it all in lemon sauce and then going on a pub crawl, since you won't feel a thing with that inside you.

My new local too!
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