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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Qype: The Food in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - Eating & Drinking - Restaurants

Excellent, stylish "concept" brunch. The concept being, eat as much as you can whilst being as fashionable as possible. I managed to enjoy this despite my obvious disadvantage of hailing from the UK and only wearing the same jeans for a year.

So, the food. Sunday brunch is an all you can eat affair, but not, slop it all on a plate, rather, take delightful bite-sized portions of joy and, savour them. And then, of course, in the case of the DELICIOUS cheese, do it all over again. Their take on beans and sausages was very similar to my own quick cassoulet, which is perhaps something you wouldn't eat for breakfast, but apart from that, and the slightly "oh god am I in work" wall-quotations, I find it hard to fault.

I don't even want to keep it a secret that I want to live somewhere this cool!

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