good morning, you've reached fil's webserver - pretty much a dead end on the information superhighway.

uptime: we finished the year with 165 days. it's now out of my hands.

'features' :
fil's photo gallery
they said it wouldn't happen, but we're back!
boo radley, where are you?
stop press, new content by kmei's hand.
dj's pj, westcott and da badger pushin' it live
the history of hulme's most famous radio station will appear here
and by special request....
phat fm - low bitrate for modem listeners - also existed
the animalistic server is offline for the summer
but the final year standings are available here
a whole WikiWeb just for Birley?!
well no, cause this is now broke too.
spot the difference
on the not-so-new, but functioning lookalikes section!
hulme hall fridge magnet message board!
unmoderated, and as anonymous as er, fridge magnets...
oooh, get him
rashid malik speaks out
...or linkz if you prefer...
this was the linstead website can view that crap here.

this is the website of: phil chambers
contact: icq: 6763821

there are no more quotes, that's all over too. i was bored of them anyway.