Wooooo..... Wooooo.....
Recognise this sound? Yes, it's the mystical sound of the Owl... Wooooo... Wooooo.....

A page devoted to something so cool, it may even be better than toucans, and certainly beats the panda.

The Great Grey Owl, perhaps the wisest owl in the owl world

The Snowy Owl (as featured in Harry Potter). Well, you wouldn't mess with this owl, it just looks angry.

The Pygmy Owl. Without doubt the most ridiculous, surprised-looking, and lopsided owl
on this site, and probably in the world. (didn't get into Harry Potter).

The Elf Owl. The smallest Owl in the world, and therefore the smallest picture.
This Elf Owl looks quite patronising, but that's OK, because it's an Owl.